Employees Training and Seminars

It is the mission of DIPI to strengthen and enhance the employee’s knowledge and skills. In line with this, the Administration Department provides a training program to all employees. These training programs will raise the behavioral, quality, environmental, safety awareness and increase the employee’s understanding of relevant issues on DIPI products and services. DIPI believes in the development and enhancement of the skills of our personnel as a crucial key to our production and success.

Skills Development Programs

DIPI provides extensive skills development programs to our employees to aid them in keeping up to date and competitive with new information and techniques that they can employ in production. Providing avenues such as these is essential to the improvement of our system and organization.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At DIPI, we strongly believe in the principles of Corporate Responsibility – of achieving success in ways that uphold employees’ welfare, communities and the environment. Equal to protecting the Health and safety of our employees, we consider environmental preservation among our most important business responsibilities. Working in harmony with the environment and supporting those in our communities that need support provides our Stakeholders with a real sense of DIPI values. Our challenge is to further increase our long-term competitiveness that honor our values and respect the people, communities, and natural environment in which we work and live in